Take your cooking skills to the next level with the new Instant Pot Pro Range

Introducing the ultimate upgrade to performance and convenience with Instant Pot Cooking – you can cook (and Crisp*) like a Pro with the new Instant Pot Pro Range and take your cooking skills to the next level.

With 20% faster pre-heating time than other Instant Pots, up to 70% faster overall cooking times than other cooking methods, self-sealing lid and intuitive reminders, with the Pro Range you can spend less time in the kitchen. Whether that is an add the ingredients and press a Favourite button ** to automatically set the time and pressure for your favourite curry recipe; or if your recipe calls for 5 minutes of natural pressure release, the new venting reminders can let you know when it is time to vent! And if you ever need to know what stage of the cooking program the Instant Pot is at, the intuitive progress bar keeps you updated every step of the way, from preheating, to cooking, to keep warm and natural pressure release – you can trust the Instant Pot Pro to be doing everything for you, so you will never be left guessing what’s going on in the pot! Available exclusively in a new sleek black finish, with an ergonomically shaped handle for minimal physical effort and maximum efficiency, this will easily be the smartest looking appliance on the kitchen work top. And with its black and white LED display with cooking progress bar, timed reminders and easy dial customisation, dinner is just the touch of a button away!

Two new models, Endless opportunities… up to 28 customisable cooking programs, 5 programmable favourites** and up to 11 functions^ in one, the hardest decision will be choosing which one to get.

Like the idea of Air frying too? Then the Instant Pot Pro Crisp is for you!

With 11 functions in one, you can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, sous vide and keep warm, air fry, roast, bake, grill, and dehydrate with the fully customisable Instant Pot Pro Crisp. With temperatures from 21°C to 232°C, you can do everything from high-heat grilling to low-heat dehydration and take one-pot cooking to a whole new level with the convenience of just switching a lid…  pressure cook a whole chicken, and then air fry to crisp the skin; or steam a whole potato, followed by roast for a delicious jacket potato, all in the same pot.

Of course, you can use the lids exclusively, whether that’s the Pressure Cook lid for the classic Instant Pot recipes or the Air Fryer lid for fresh or frozen dishes – the EvenCrisp™ air flow with the Air fry functions, ensures your dishes get the crunch and tenderness you love, but using up to 95% less oil and grease for healthier cooking – great for frozen snacks and cakes.

The Instant Pot Pro Crisp inner pot can be transferred to any electric, ceramic, gas, or induction hob, or oven set up to 230°C, then straight into the dishwasher for ease and convenience all the way from dinner preparation and process to the cleaning up.

Available in a large 8L capacity, sharing really is caring with the Instant Pot Pro Crisp as you can make up to 8 portions at once! Whether batch cooking, meal prepping, cooking for the whole family or hosting guests, you can’t go wrong with the Instant Pot Pro Crisp.

Don’t need the Air Fryer lid? Choose the Instant Pot Pro instead!

Combining the functions you know and love of our original Instant Pots, the Pro is your 10-in-1, one pot wonder! Pressure cooker, slow cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, steriliser, yogurt maker, food warmer, cake baker and steamer all in one, with 28 cooking programs providing the perfect selection of essential meals. Save the settings for your most loved recipes to the 5 favourite buttons so these dishes are now conveniently just the touch of a button away. And with 20% faster pre-heating times, the Instant Pot Pro comes to pressure more quickly than ever.

Whether you are a batch cooker, meal prepper, making dinner for a small family or large, there is a size for every household with the Instant Pot Pro: 5.7L for up to 6 portions, or 8L for up to 8 portions. Use your Instant Pot for sautéing then pressure cooking to save time and retain more flavour, slow cooking for traditional recipes, or become a sous vide chef in the making… you will love cooking with the Instant Pot Pro.

* Instant Pot Pro Crisp

** Instant Pot Pro

*** 11 functions for Pro Crisp. 10 functions for Pro.

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