Instant Vortex Airfryers

Instant Brands air fryers are of very high quality and are exceptionally fast (up to 20%) faster than competitors. The new series contain OdorErase filters so that you are much less bothered by odors and the new Dual series is incredibly flexible with 2 individual frying zones.

Did you know that airfryers combined with multicookers can save up to 84% on your energy? Read more here.

A hot air fryer (also called an "air fryer) uses hot air instead of oil, making your cooking healthier and more responsible. Air frying replaces hot oil with superheated circulating air to produce the same crunchy taste and texture that makes fried foods so delicious. It still holds juices in the crispy coating, without the added fat: it's faster, cleaner, healthier and a lot easier.

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