Step-by-step guide to using your Instant Pot

With this Instant Pot step-by-step guide you will learn in 13 simple steps how to cook amazing food with Instant Pot. Prepare the tastiest Instant Pot recipes so that you can treat yourself or your loved ones with tasty dishes every evening. If you want to know the 13 simple steps, read on to learn in under 3 minutes!

Instant Pot manual

Step 1: Safety first

  • First read the manual for your Instant Pot carefully.
  • Make sure the multicooker is on a flat, stable surface and that all parts are properly positioned.

Step 2: Clean the Instant Pot (optional)

  • This step is optional, if you prefer to clean the Instant Pot after cooking, that is no problem as long as it is clean enough to use.
  • Wash the Instant Pot inner pot, lid, and seal ring thoroughly with dish soap and warm water.
  • Be careful when cleaning the multicooker when the inner pot is not in place, because if you clean with a cloth that is too wet, water can get into the inside of the Instant Pot and water can get into the electrical system, which will not affect the multicooker. going well.>

Step 3: Prepare your ingredients

  • Cut, chop and prepare all the ingredients for your desired recipe, this makes cooking more efficient.

Step 4: Plug in the Instant Pot

  • Connect the Instant Pot by plugging the Instant Pot into the wall socket.

Step 5: Place the inner pot

  • Place the clean inner pot into the Instant Pot.

Step 6: Add liquid

  • Most recipes call for some liquid, such as water, sauce or stock. Add the required amount to the inner pot. Make sure you put it in the steel inner pot, and not in the Instant Pot itself.

Step 7: Add ingredients

  • Add the prepared ingredients toe to the inner pot.

Step 8: Close the lid

  • Make sure the seal ring is clean and properly installed.
  • Close the lid and ensure that the valve slide is set to 'sealing'.

Step 9: Choose a cooking setting and set the time

  • Choose the desired cooking setting on your Instant Pot. You have the options: pressure cook, slow cook, Sauté, and others, depending on the Instant Pot model.
  • Set the cooking time using the buttons on the multicooker. The time starts counting down as soon as the pressure is reached.

Step 10: Let the Instant Pot come to pressure

  • The Instant Pot must come to pressure before cooking begins, which may take several minutes depending on the recipe and amount of liquid. The Instant Pot indicates when the multicooker is coming up to pressure. As soon as the multicooker has come to pressure, it will start cooking on the display screen. Please note: this depends on the model.

Step 11: Cooking

  • After the normal; white-space:pre-wrap"> Instant Pot is at pressure, cooking begins. The lid locks and the timer counts down.

Step 12: Ventilate and open

  • After the cooking time has elapsed, release pressure before opening the lid.
  • You can carefully slide the valve disc to the 'venting' position to release the pressure. Be careful as steam may escape.
  • Once the pressure is released, you can safely open the lid.

Step 13: Serve and enjoy

  • Serve the meal as directed in your recipe, and enjoy your dish.

The exact steps may vary depending on the model of your Instant Pot. Therefore, always make sure to consult your specific Instant Pot's manual for instructions and safety precautions. Do you want to get the most out of your cooking experience with the multicooker? Discover the unique benefits and differences of different models on our websiten style="color:#0f0f0f"> !

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