How do you use the Instant Fast Cold Brew?

Do you also want to enjoy refreshing, homemade cold drinks without the hassle? The Instant Fast Cold Brew is your gateway to a world of delicious cold brews. Discover the simplicity and enjoy the refined art of Coldbrewing, straight from your own kitchen. Be surprised by the versatility of this innovative brewing method and experience refreshing perfection time and time again. Use this guide to get the most out of your Instant Fast Cold Brew !

Preparing the Instant Fast Cold Brew

  1. Unpacking and Setup: Remove the Instant Fast Cold Brew from the box and ensure that all packaging materials have been removed. Check whether the bottom cap of the brewing basket is securely attached.
  2. Cleaning before Use: The glass jug, handle, lid and brewing basket are dishwasher safe. Clean them thoroughly before use by hand or in the dishwasher.

  1. Line-up: Place the Instant Fast Cold Brew on a stable surface and place the glass jug with the brewing basket on the base.

The Fast Cold Brew process

  1. Switching on: Plug the Instant Cold Brewer into the socket and switch it on.

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  1. Filling: Fill the glass jug with water and place it on the base.

  1. Filling the Brewing Basket: Add coffee grounds or tea leaves to it

brewing basket. Make sure the bottom cover is properly attached.

  1. Brewing: Place the loaded brew basket in the glass carafe and replace the lid. Set the brew time using the Flat-Touch panel buttons and press Start.

  1. Enjoy: Once the timer reaches 00 , brewing is complete. Remove the lid and brewing basket.

  1. To serve: Unscrew the bottom of the brew basket to remove coffee grounds or tea leaves. Replace the lid and twist it open to pour.

Enjoy an Instant Fast Cold Brew for any occasion!

oration-style:initial"> Whether you want to spice up your morning with iced coffee or relax with refreshing iced tea on a hot afternoon, the Instant Fast Cold Brew is the perfect solution. Discover the art of Cold Brewing now - get your Instant Fast Cold Brew at home today and let the fun begin!

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