Elektrische snelkookpannen en airfyers besparen veel energie!

Did you know that you can save a lot on your energy bill by coming up with an electric pressure cooker and airfryer, instead of an electric oven? Energy consumption is up to 84% lower.

Instant Brands, of the hugely popular Instant Pot multicookers and airfryers , commissioned an independent cooking comparison to test their belief that cooking with their appliances would involve significant energy savings and lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to cooking in the well-known ovens, known as are usual in Europe.


This study compares the energy consumption for cooking chicken using three different electrical appliances. The aim was to use two chicken recipes to compare the energy consumption of an electric pressure cooker and an airfryer with that of an electric oven. One recipe was used to compare the energy consumption of an electric pressure cooker and an electric oven, while another recipe was used to compare the energy required to cook the chicken using an air fryer and an electric oven.

To determine energy requirements for cooking, electricity meters were connected to the pressure cooker and air fryer, while for the oven, the preheating and cooking steps were timed and the manufacturer's information on energy consumption was taken into account. The temperature of the chicken before and after cooking was measured to ensure that the chicken was cooked and exhibited similar conditions. In the case of the first chicken recipe, the pressure cooker consumes an average of 0.57 kWh per kg of raw chicken, which corresponds to 81% less energy needed to roast the chicken in the oven.

For the second recipe, the air fryer consumed an average of 0.44 kWh per kg of raw chicken; this is on average 84% less energy than is used when cooking in the oven for the same recipe. The results were normalized to the amount of raw chicken used to allow fair comparisons. These results indicate that cooking with these alternative appliances is much more energy efficient, making them cheaper in the household.

Relevant products

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Read the Dutch report:
Comparison of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in cooking roast chicken: Electric pressure cooker/air fryer vs. conventional oven

Download the original English report here:
Comparison of energy consumption and GHG emissions when cooking roast chicken: electric pressure cooker/airfryer versus conventional oven