Smart meal prepping with Instant Pot: handy hacks for tasty meals

In the busy world of students, hard workers, athletes, and health-conscious individuals, meal prepping offers an extremely practical solution. Meal prepping brings many benefits, including time savings , cost savings , stress reduction , and promotion of health . With meal prepping you no longer have to worry about when you are going to eat or whether you have enough time to cook. Sounds good, right?

Tip 1. Smart recipe selection

Choosing the right recipes is essential for effective meal prepping. Depending on your goals, you can choose recipes that are suitable for meal prepping, healthy dishes, or budget options. For example, stews, soups, and curries are excellent choices in the Instant Pot.

Tip 2. Larger portions, smaller efforts

Take advantage of the generous capacity of thespan style="color:#c0392b;">Instant Pot by preparing multiple portions at once. Divide the meals into sealable meal containers (taking shelf life into account) and save a lot of time. This way you don't have to cook every day and you have dinner ready for the whole week.

Tip 3. Variety is key

To avoid boredom, variety is essential. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring; By varying different dishes it remains interesting and you can fully enjoy your homemade healthy meals. Do you not know which dishes you can prepare, or do you have no inspiration for variation? Then take a look at it Multicooker cookbook from Flying Foodie , we have more than 70 recipes ready for you, get it and dare to experiment!

Tip 4. Keep it clear

For newcomers to the world of meal prepping, it is useful to always remain clear. Label and date the containers so you always know which meals you have and their shelf life. By using the 'first in first out' concept, you avoid eating outdated meals.

Tip 5. Invest in suitable meal containers

When choosing meal containers, it is important to consider whether they are refrigerator, freezer, and microwave safe, depending on your meal prep needs. Invest in quality containers, ranging from glass containers for the oven to silicone bags for liquid dishes. Choose carefully based on your needs.

Meal prepping with the Instant Pot is not only a time-saving strategy, but it also ensures that you make more conscious nutritional choices. With these tips, healthy eating will become second nature, even on busy days.

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