Returns & warranty

Not 100% satisfied? Together we will solve it!

At Kenners you can count on knowledge of our products and expert support. So do you have any doubts or questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you with good advice. You can also try our Online Helpdesk to find the answer to your question yourself via the built-in smart search engine.

Returns are no problem at Kenners. You can send us an email (preferably in response to our confirmation of your order) or register your return via this online form . Make sure you always clearly state the unique (invoice) number of your order.

We always do our best to find a good solution as quickly and flexibly as possible. Below you can read what rights and obligations both parties have and instructions for returning one or more products that you ordered from Kenners.

Table of contents

  1. Take advantage of our experience and expertise !
  2. Returns up to 14 days after receipt
  3. Conditions for right of withdrawal and full credit
  4. Reimbursement of return costs
  5. You can also return products received for free
  6. Did your product become defective within the warranty period?
  7. How do I register my cancellation or repair ? [ our return address ]
  8. Received a defective or damaged product ?
  9. How do you return a package to us ?
  10. Repairs out of warranty
  11. How quickly will you get your money back ?
  12. Loss of value and costs
  13. Activated and registered products
  14. Excluded from right of withdrawal
  15. European Model Form for withdrawal

Take advantage of our experience and expertise!

Kenners is easily accessible during office hours and our experienced team is ready to answer all your questions.

So do you have any doubts or questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you with good, personal advice. This reduces the chance of disappointment and costs for returning your purchase.  

Returns up to 14 days after receipt

Made the wrong choice or product not to your liking? Then you can let us know as soon as possible after receipt and we will fully credit your purchase, provided all conditions (see below) have been met. Make sure you always clearly state the unique (invoice) number of your order.

Conditions for right of withdrawal and full credit

  • You can let us know within 14 days of receipt that you wish to cancel the purchase. After registration, you then have another 14 days to actually return the products. You can also return the products within 14 days of receipt without prior notice, as long as you include a message showing your wish to cancel.
  • The item is undamaged and has not been use, other than the confirm it is in working order.
  • The item is original, complete, clean and reasonably unused.
    Please note: if the product is very dirty and needs to be cleaned, we may charge costs for this, depending on the severity.
  • The packaging is, if reasonably possible, original, complete and reasonably undamaged.
    Use clear tape to tape the box closed. Do not use duct tape !
  • Business customers (company name and/or VAT number entered) are not eligible for cancellation. Orders that have not yet been delivered (pre-orders) can be canceled and credited.  

Reimbursement of return costs

  • After receipt, inspection and approval of your return, we will credit the full purchase price, provided the conditions above are met.
  • We do not reimburse the shipping costs for the return of a cancellation.
  • We will reimburse all shipping costs for warranty cases within the first 6 months of receipt.
  • We will reimburse all shipping costs afterwards for warranty cases after 6 months.
  • We do not reimburse shipping costs for out-of-warranty repairs.

Watch this interesting video from the NOS about "our delivery status and the pressure of unlimited returns". please think carefully about what you are ordering and call the seller if you need more information. This will prevent disappointment and costs.

You can also return products received for free!

We regularly provide free useful accessories with many items. These products must also be sent, otherwise we will deduct the sales value from the credit. We will check this and, if necessary, report and correct it in the return request. You must return all products on the packing slip of the return request to receive a full credit.

Did your product become defective within the warranty period?

The legal warranty applies to all items you purchase from us. Legal warranty means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. Some products also have a manufacturer's warranty. Any manufacturer's warranty and the warranty periods mentioned on product pages do not affect the legal warranty. Within the first 6 months you will receive a shipping label from us (no shipping costs) with which you can send the item to us and we will handle the repair process for you. After 6 months we will provide instructions for sending your item and we will handle the repair process for you; However, we do not provide a shipping label and we will not reimburse shipping costs, unless it turns out to be a warranty case or otherwise agreed.

How do I register my cancellation or repair?

You can register your return via this online form . Make sure you always clearly state the unique (invoice) number of your order. A clear complaint description helps us to provide the best solution as quickly as possible.

Ordered with a Kenners account?

  • Log in to your account and go to " My orders "
  • Click on the order number # of your order.
  • Click on the "Return product" button (top right)
  • Make sure you indicate correctly whether you want your money back or request a repair. An incorrect choice can lead to delays.

Everything goes faster with a Kenners account!

Creating an account in our web shops has the following advantages:

  • Online information about your order
  • Download invoices for all your orders (PDF).
  • Faster and better service & support.
  • Register returns faster.

Previously placed orders not visible in your account?

Orders you have previously placed are not automatically linked to your account. In that case, send us an email so that we can still link previous orders to your account.

Received a defective or damaged product?

Despite all your concerns, things sometimes go wrong and your product arrives defective or damaged. This may possibly be related to transport. In order to help you as quickly as possible, we ask you to take clear photos and videos of the shipment, i.e. of all packaging (particularly any damage to it) and possibly the products. Send us these images with your complaint and order number and we will resolve the matter as quickly as possible, and often we can send a replacement shipment the same day.

How do you return a package to us?

We request that you complete the following steps if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal:

  1. Register your return via this online form and wait for our response (usually within 48 hours).
  2. After receiving your return number (email with the reference "Approve for return") you can send the products
  3. Print our invoice or the packing slip in the email, or use the packing slip that was included with the delivery and add it to your return shipment (in the shipping box, never a product box).
  4. Make sure that all products that have been registered are actually returned. We cannot credit or charge for missing goods. This can also lead to serious delays.
  5. Check that the products and packaging are clean, original, complete and undamaged (if reasonably possible).
  6. Pack everything in a sturdy box. Preferably the original product packaging because it is made to prevent transport damage. You, as the sender, are lawfully responsible for shipping damages due to insufficient packaging. Used the original packaging? Then it's our problem!
  7. Print out our packing slip and put it in the shipping box (not the product box!).
  8. Fill any space in the box with, for example, old newspapers so that the products cannot move and there is less chance of transport damage. Tape the box tightly with sturdy transparent tape (not duct tape !) and make sure that nothing can fall out of the box during transport.
  9. You can take the package to a service point of a carrier of your choice for shipping to the following address ( never send your return to our branch in Rotterdam!)

    Company: WSSN bv
    Department: Connoisseurs
    Address: Schoterhoek 2
    Zip code: 2441 LD
    Location: Nieuwveen
    Country the Netherlands

    Please note: we are not liable for any loss or damage to your package during transport if you return it to us yourself. Therefore, insure your package if it is worth a lot and use track & trace.

  10. Check the track & trace you received from the carrier. After receiving your package, we usually check and respond within a few working days. After approval of your return, we will usually issue a credit within a few working days.

Repairs out of warranty

Kenners stands for high-quality products, but if something breaks, we ensure a quick and adequate solution. We are also happy to help you repair your product outside the warranty period, if possible of course. The transport costs for this are your responsibility.

How quickly will you get your money back?

When the conditions are met, we will refund the full purchase value of your return via the same payment method you used to pay for your order, unless expressly agreed otherwise, within 14 days after receipt of your cancellation notice. We may wait with reimbursement until we have received the goods or you have demonstrated that you have returned the goods.

If there are defects in the return shipment, it may take longer and we will contact you. Kenners reserves the right to deduct from the credit any loss of value and other costs resulting from negligence, carelessness or damage caused by the customer. In that case, we will contact you to find an appropriate solution.

Loss of value and costs

The right of withdrawal for consumers gives you the opportunity to view and try the product, as would also be possible in a physical store. There are therefore limitations: what is not possible in a 'real' store is not allowed in an online store. The use of a product during the trial period is therefore (very) limited and loss of value can be deducted from the credit. For example, consider new batteries that have been charged (much) more often than necessary to determine the expected operation of the product (and are therefore actually "used"). We will communicate clearly about this and try to find a solution with you.

Activated and registered products

Some products, for example software or drones , must be activated or registered before you can fully use them, but this is not necessary for assessment (by sight) during the first 14 days. However, if you do this, there is a significant loss of value of the product for the retailer and the product can no longer be sold as new, or even second-hand. This would not have been possible in the store, including as an online consumer. If a product does not function as it should after such activation or registration, it is covered by the warranty, but it is no longer eligible for return or the depreciation (to be determined on a case-by-case basis) cannot be reimbursed. However, we always try to find the best solution together with you, so please contact us first .

Excluded from right of withdrawal

  • Digital products and codes, such as a license code for taking out insurance such as Care Refresh , delivered via e-mailil (unless the wrong product has been supplied by us)
  • For consumables in closed/sealed packaging, it is not necessary to open the packaging. If this does happen, the depreciation can amount to 100%. Such as vacuum bags or wood moth.
  • Business customers (with company name or VAT number on invoice). It is possible to cancel orders that have already been paid but not yet delivered.

European Model Form for withdrawal

You may also use the European Model Withdrawal Form to register your return (this usually takes longer).