Second chances

We call products that we get back second chances, because they deserve a second chance and we offer them with high discounts!

Second chance products are:

  • extra affordable (usually 10-20%)
  • as good as new products,
  • clean and tested by a connoisseur,
  • with invoice and warranty.

Do not wait to long!

These products are usually not for sale for long because the discount on these products is very high.
So grab your chance and buy an as good as new product for a second-hand price!

Instant Pot Duo Plus 5,7L multicooker [tweedekans]
Save 10%
169,99 152,99
Shipped in 2
Instant Pot Pro 6 liter [CLONE]
Save 10%
249,99 224,99
Shipped in 2
Instant Pot 8L Duo Evo Plus multicooker [tweedekans]
Save 10%
219,99 197,99
Shipped in 2
Instant Pot Pro 8 liter [CLONE]
Save 10%
274,95 247,46
Shipped in 2
Instant Pot Duo Nova 5,7L (6Qt) multicooker [CLONE]
Save 10%
129,99 116,99
Delivery time alternate text
Instant Pot 10Qt Duo Nova 220V EU [CLONE]
Save 10%
229,99 206,99
Shipped in 2
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