All Instant Pot cooking programs at a glance

Instant Pot programs

Below we have listed the most common Instant Pot programs for you, including a number of tips on how to use them.

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You will probably use this setting the most. You can set the temperature, pressure and cooking time yourself with the control panel. Press the Pressure Level to adjust the pressure (high or low) and use the +/- buttons to adjust the cooking time.


Gently cooks soup allowing you to make clear broth. For soup without meat you use Less; for soup with meat you use normal and for soups that have longer cooking times, such as bone broth, use the More setting. Always use NR to release the pressure from the pan due to the large amount of liquid in soup.


The best program for large pieces of meat at high pressure. For a soft texture use Less, for even softer use Normal and for fall-off-the-bone soft use More. After the program, allow the meat to rest for 5-30 minutes (depending on size) so that the cooking liquid can be absorbed. This gives you wonderfully soft, juicy and tender meat.


Poultry program. Use Less for a soft texture, Normal for a very soft texture and More for fall-off-the-bone. Choose the setting based on the desired texture, or set the cooking time manually. Allow poultry to rest for 5-10 minutes (depending on size) after the program, so that the cooking liquid can be absorbed. This gives you wonderfully soft, juicy and tender meat.


Use this program for different textures for beans. For firm beans use Less, for something softer use Normal and for very soft use use More. Always use NR with beans to take the pressure off the pan. Make sure beans are always completely submerged.


With this high-pressure program you can make a smooth, compact cake or pie. For a lighter, creamy cake use Less, for a more compact cake use Normal and for a really compact cake, such as New York Style cheesecake, use More.


This program is designed for extra large eggs so you will need to adjust the time slightly for smaller eggs. For a soft-boiled egg you use Less, for medium you use normal and for hard-boiled eggs you use More. Immediately put the eggs under cold water after cooking to prevent overcooking.


Yes, you can sauté / sauté in your Instant Pot®, just like you would normally use a pan or frying pan. Use Less to simmer, to thicken, to evaporate moisture or for products that burn quickly. Use Normal for searing and More for roasting and stir-frying. The maximum time for Sauté is 30 minutes at a time, this has been developed as an extra safety measure. Always use sauté without a lid.


Program similar to traditional slow cooker. Use Less as compatible with the Low (8 hours) slow cooker setting, Normal is similar to Medium (6 hours) and More is like High (4 hours) in a traditional slow cooker.


This program uses low pressure cooking and is best suited for white rice. For rice with some bite use Less, for normal texture use Normal and for a really soft texture use More. Use 10-minute NR for optimal results.


Use the multigrain program for brown rice, wild rice and other grains and beans. This program has a pre-soak function. For a firmer texture, use Less; for a normal texture use Normal and for a soft texture use More. The More setting is for firm grains or a mix of grains and beans, including pre-soaking before cooking (45 minutes soaking in hot water followed by 60 minutes of pressure cooking). Make sure that dry beans are always completely submerged.


Use the Less option for oatmeal / oatmeal, Normal for rice porridge (congee / yoke), and use More for porridge or congee with beans or firmer grains. Always use NR with food that expands during cooking.


To steam vegetables, use Less mode; for fish and seafood you use Normal; for meat you use More. Always use the steam rack to keep your food above the water and use Quick Release to prevent overcooked food.


This program is designed to sterilize baby bottles, jars and other utensils. Use Less to pasteurize milk products; Normal mode for low pressure sterilization and preserving of sour fruits and vegetables. Use More for high pressure sterilization and pickling sour fruits and vegetables.


Less was developed for Jiu Niang, a sweet fermented rice dish. Normal is to ferment milk for yogurt after the culture has been added, and More is for pasteurizing milk. Default fermentation time is 24 hours, please set the time according to the recipe. Normal and More show yogt on the screen when the program is completed, More shows boiL on the screen while the program is on.


Special program to use your Instant Pot as a sous-vide water bath. More information about this preparation you can on our sous-vide assistance page at find.


3 different temperatures to keep your food warm for up to 10 hours after the end of the cooking program.