Lume Cube

Lume Cube

Lume Cube leads the revolution in portable, durable and powerful lighting for photo and video devices, such as phones, cameras, camera drones and GoPro's. The Lume Cube is a sturdy metal block of only a few centimeters (4x4x4) in size that provides extra light for photo or film. In this review, I will tell you more about this little powerhouse.

The Lume Cube is very flexible to use: in principle, the light can be used with all possible ways of photography or film. Lume Cube itself supplies (optional) accessories to combine the light with, for example, a photo camera, smartphone, GoPro or even a drone. However, the light also has a standard tripod connection so you can combine it with your favorite camera accessories.

The Lume Cube offers two lighting options, namely flash and continuous light. You have to compare the flash light with the LED flash of your phone. It is a relatively long exposure instead of a flash as you know it from a normal flash. This mode is therefore best suited for use when shooting with a smartphone.

For use with your smartphone, you use the handy Lume Cube app that you can download for Apple or Android in the play or app store. The flash has the possibility to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can control the Lume Cube with your smartphone to flash or to use the video lamp. In the app you have several options to set up the Lume Cube and the pairing itself is a breeze. Just click the right button of the Cube and then the app will find the light automatically. You don't have to mess around in your phone's Bluetooth menu.

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