Goodbye Oven, Hello Instant (Promotion has expired)

Discover a new way of cooking with the Instant Vortex airfryers! With the motto "Goodbye oven, hello instant", we invite you to experience the revolutionary cooking technology that takes healthy and tasty food to the next level.

Say goodbye to your old oven and embrace the convenience and versatility of Instant Vortex. Whether you want to bake, roast, grill or deep fry, this airfryer can do it all - and all without oil, so your dishes stay crispy and tasty with fewer calories.

This week is the ideal time to make the switch, as we're offering an exceptional 25% discount on select Instant Vortex models. But beware, the offer is valid until Sunday 4 June, so don't miss this opportunity. OP =OP!

Delight your taste buds, boost your health and transform your cooking experience. Say "Goodbye Oven, Hello Instant" and switch to Instant Vortex airfryers today. Change the way you cook - forever!

Save up to 84% on your energy bill!

Did you know that you can save a lot of energy with an airfryer? Especially in combination with a multicooker you can save up to 84% energy compared to traditional cooking methods! Knowing more? Read more here .

Promotion period: from 26-05-2023 to 29-05-2023

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